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Acupressure Long Beach California by Master Lim

Why Acupressure Is Better Then Massage?

With hundreds of years of case studies of “miraculous” healing stories like…

  • Cysts disappearing
  • Wounds suddenly healing
  • Women who couldn’t before conceive and finally become pregnant
  • Depression and anxiety melts away
  • Migraines heal
  • Toothaches suddenly vanishing

ALL this by activating
very specific pressure points

...NOT through surgery
...NOT with drugs or medication
...NOT with special juices or weird supplements.

Licensed Esthetician
- Alexis

Skills: Esthetician, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Acupressure, Chemical Peels, Facial, Facial Rejuvenation, Make-up Artist, Microdermabrasion, Waxing

Online Since 12/01/10
Experience: I am a results driven practitioner that uses my skin care understanding to address each client’s individual needs. I have a passion for skin care and commitment to service for every client, this philosophy is projected in and out of the treatment room. I'm trained in the most recent and innovative skin care techniques. I often spend my days reading every skin care article and textbook I can find, while testing every product on myself; I will never recommend or use any skincare product on a client before I personally experience it for myself.

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Natural Healing Acupressure Long Beach CA


The role of natural acupressure have been critical in long-established eastern medicine for upwards of 2100 years', and of course the fact that its still utilized right now is a sworn statement toward the proficiency contained in the remedy for morbid condition and certainly chronic pain.

Acupressure points is really a technique for distribution a signal into the body (by needle as well as other means) to “awaken” its very own self-curing or regulating mechanisms. Routinely, Qi (critical power) circulates thru expected ways in the body also known as meridians. Congestion with this particular movement as well as imbalance in Yin and sometimes Yang can cause sickness and lumbar pain. Acupressure healing enables us to repair purposeful unbalances and then reinstate all of the movement consequently returning the human body to a further nature given state of healthy being.

In fact, it is something you can learn to do on your own in local Long Beach City. And with some instruction from Master Lim, simply find the energy blocks in your own body…


But first, read here about Master Lim

Tips to Administer Acupressure:

Bring into play immersed, strong pressure to massage plus trigger each pressure point.

Any time kneading acupoints, attempt to relax in a relaxing posture, close your vision, and basically relax.

Do this particular acupoint massage as frequently as you want; there is virtually no cap on the amount of times per day.

Besides pushing blood through your acupoints on your self, everyone can also help and acupoint massage those points on your behalf.

AcuPressure point healing will show you how to easily and swiftly transform
into somebody who can very quickly and magically seeming heal
illness as well as emotional or mental distress from just being human... Even in Long Beach CA by just applying alittle gentle pressure on specific pressure points... and in a specific rhythm.

Major Five Most Common Acupressure Healing Points:

Feng Chi acupressure pressure point is well suited for head ache, light sensitivaty, eyeball blurriness or tiredness, no energy, in addition to cold/flu problems. Since it's positioned by feeling along a person's mastoid (ear canal) bone along with using the furrow back up to whereby the collar muscular tissues hook up with ones head.

Jian Jing acupressure point is situated by pinching this particular shoulder area muscle together with your finger in addition to central point thumb as well as being commonly used for anxiety, face pain, headaches, toothaches and certainly cervical area ache. Make use of cautiously in expectant women.

He Gu acupressure healing spot is good for most strain, facial pains, tooth pains, facial foundation tenderness & collar pain in your back. Having said that, as a remark of attention, it could encourage labor and has to never be utilized while exptecting a child.

Tai Chong natural acupressure you need to go without your boots to obtain this pressure point. This is an tremendous area to energize for pressure, lumbar pain, hbp, arm ache, sleep problems and very emotional trouble.

Nei Guan acupressure pressure point helps to bestow ease for queasiness, apprehension, cts, distressed stomach, movement problem and certainly headaches and is actually still for regulation of cardiovascular system tremors.

You are going to know how to un-block the meridian lines
in your body just Click Here…and release your NATURAL
healing ability you were BORN with…

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